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Traditionally, on the last weekend in July, American dancers in authentic clothing will perform traditional tribal dances on the homecoming. There is a parade that illuminates the streets of downtown Sioux City, as well as the downtown parking lot, and fireworks.

The celebration also honors Chief Little Priest, a Winnebago warrior who served in the U.S. cavalry in 1865. This annual event commemorates all the men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces because of Little Priest's service.

The pace of the whole team should not exceed about 10 minutes per mile to finish in the time allotted. All levels of runners can participate as long as the teams "pace is 10 minutes or less per mile, which allows the team to finish within the time limit, not faster than 10: 00 per hour.

The speed should not be faster than 10 minutes per mile when it is necessary to walk in the dark such as rain, snow or fog. The area of the historic Fourth Street will be closed to traffic so that cyclists can park in the street, in the style of the Sturgis Rally. Runners should expect a mix of cars, bicycles, pedestrians and other vehicles, as well as pedestrians and cyclists.

The Mardi Gras Festivale offers authentic Cajun dishes prepared by Louisiana chefs. The festival falls on Saturday, July 4, and attracts more than 50,000 people from across the Midwest over the weekend. Traditionally, on Labor Day weekend, the festival is held with a variety of food, entertainment, carnival games, live music, food trucks and more. This year, Siouxland will host the first ever Carnival Festival, a celebration of Louisiana and Louisiana culture.

The Cade River, a Sioux tradition for over 50 years, is intended to celebrate the history and culture of the region and show its potential for continued economic development. Saturday in the Park is one of the most important festivals in the upper Midwest and is best known for its live music, food, entertainment and fun. This nonprofit raises money for the Sioux City Restoration Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit focused on restoring historic buildings.

Ask your family and friends to support you in this epic 339-mile run through Iowa, and you'll be one of the coolest runners if you join the $50 fundraiser. It's not mandatory, but you have to take the challenge and be at least 50 miles in the race.

You build your own team and then work together to divide the distance into segments that you choose yourself. One runner after another from each team will survive the first half of the race on Saturday and finish in Dubuque on Sunday. The exact time of the team departure will be determined a few weeks before the event and will be based on the pace of the entire team. Check in with your team captain to check the speed of the team and determine the start time of the team.

The exhibition will be closed on Saturday, April 9, on the last day of the event at 12 noon and will remain closed until the end of April.

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